Completed Sales

Demo-sale-Sea-isleWe would like to thank each and everyone that comes out to participate. We appreciate your business hope that we provide good deals and a fun experience when you attend.

Here is a partial list of  sales over the past few years. As you can see we stay busy during the demo season! Don’t forget to signup for our updates so you know first when we have a sale.

101 Spruce St Ocean City, NJ

2529 Central Ave Ocean City, NJ

10724 Corinthian Stone Harbor, NJ ( Bay front )

110 117th St Stone Harbor, NJ ( Beach block)

319 42nd Street Avalon, NJ

818 21st Street Avalon, NJ

65 W 24th Street Avalon, NJ

5 90th St Stone Harbo, NJ

9001 First Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ

23-19th St, Avalon, NJ

130- 32nd St, Longport, NJ

4933-4935  Haven, Ocean City, NJ

555- 7th St, Avalon, NJ

13612 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach Township, NJ

101 E. South Carolina Ave., Long Beach Township, NJ

26 Seagull Avalon, NJ (Bayfront)

98 Pelican, Avalon, NJ

1848 Avalon Ave. Avalon, NJ

23-19th St, Avalon, NJ

4738 Ocean Dr. Avalon, NJ

3868 – First Ave, Avalon, NJ

6013 Pleasure Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ

250-52nd St, Avalon, NJ

3-84th St, Stone Harbor, NJ

511 20th St, Avalon, NJ

710 Pennlyn Place Ocean City, NJ

9 E Aberdeen Ocean City

223-37th St Avalon

2788 First Ave, Avalon , NJ

10 Kimble Ave. Rio Grande,  NJ

#1- 1st Drive Stone Harbor Manor, NJ

#1 110th St Stone Harbor, NJ

9123 First Ave. Stone Harbor, NJ

151 36th Street Avalon, NJ

358 39th Street Avalon, NJ

100 105th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

8800 First Ave Stone Harbor, NJ

151 29th Street Avalon, NJ

320 & 330 70th Street Avalon, NJ

5088 Dune Drive Avalon, NJ

35 West 18th Street Avalon, NJ

283 100th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

202 75th Street Avalon, NJ

120 114th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

139 94th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

20 Julia Court CMCH,NJ

26 E 11th St Avalon, NJ

1918 First Ave, Avalon, NJ

273 56th Street Avalon, NJ

45 E. 15th St.Avalon, NJ

111 116th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

10406 First Ave Stone Harbor, NJ

278 13th Street Avalon, NJ

9801 First Avenue Stone Harbor, NJ

25 32nd Street Avalon, NJ

47 Flamingo Avalon, NJ

153 71st Street Avalon, NJ

66 East 15th Street Avalon, NJ

20 100th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

216 36th Street Avalon, NJ

3752 Asbury Ave Ocean City, NJ

24 82nd St Sea Isle City, NJ

35 32nd Street Avalon, NJ

2 94th Street Stone Harbor, NJ

225 75th Street Avalon, NJ

4795 4th Ave Avalon, NJ

161 39th St. Avalon, NJ

213 62nd St. Avalon, NJ

246 – 46th Street, Avalon NJ

301 40th St. Avalon, NJ

10524 – 2nd Avenue Stone Harbor , NJ

66 58th Street in Avalon

293 67th Street in Avalon

32 East  34th Street Avalon, NJ

36 E. 15th St Avalon

122 Pelican Dr. Avalon

188 39th St Avalon

141 99th St Stone Harbor

9928 Corinthian Stone Harbor

261 63rd St Avalon

218 120th Stone Harbor

114 – 110th St Stone Harbor

225- 88th St Stone Harbor, NJ

10817 Sunset Stone Harbor NJ

4299 Dune Drive Avalon NJ


132 – 98th Street – Stone Harbor, NJ

515 – 24th Street – Avalon, NJ

46 Pelican Drive – Avalon, NJ

21 E. New Castle Road – Ocean City NJ

502 42nd St – Avalon, NJ

743 Sunrise Ave – Avalon, NJ

4028 Bayberry Avalon NJ

170-104th Stone Harbor, NJ

5962 Ocean Dr. Avalon, NH

102 – 120th Stone Harbor, NJ

74 – East 21st St Avalon, NJ

349- 86th St Stone Harbor, NJ

282 7th Street Avalon, NJ

122-17th St Avalon, NJ

112- 23rd St Avalon , NJ

141- 97th St Stone Harbor, NJ

3108 Ocean Dr., Avalon. NJ


11101 Sunset Ave, Stone Harbor

8814 – Third Ave, Stone Harbor

203 Atlanta Ave, Wildwood Crest

103 South Dudley Ventnor , NJ

4308 4th Ave Avalon ,NJ

222 102nd Street Stone Harbor

225 102nd Street Stone Harbor

273 62nd  St   Avalon , NJ

282- 19th St  Avalon NJ

21 11th Longport NJ

11- 60th Sea Isle , NJ

11205 Ocean Dr (3rd Ave),Stone Harbor,NJ

8607 2nd Ave Stone Harbor

153 24th St Avalon


4328 Dune Drive, Avalon

4 109th St Stone Harbor

5792 Ocean Dr Avalon

338 87th Street Stone Harbor

25 East 17th Street Avalon

1300 Pleasure in Ocean City

51- West 29th St. Avalon

318 114th St Stone Harbor

105 35th St Avalon

26 19th St Avalon