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Avalon Estate Liquidators has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Jeff and his team are accommodating, knowledgeable and very professional.  I received a prompt response each time I reached out and appreciated their level of service during a hectic time for us. Their extensive network allowed us to maximize our sale and the process was seamless. I highly recommend Avalon Estate Liquidators for your home auction.

 Thanks again,


I never thought that having an estate sale could be the positive experience it was. 

The back story 

The house in Avalon turned 94 years old this year. My grandfather built it in 1926. He and my grandmother were schoolteachers and a principal in Philadelphia. They built it for their only child, my mother. My grandparents spent summers there from 1926 until 1977 when my grandfather died. My parents then renovated it in 1982 and moved to Avalon permanently from Pittsburgh, Penna. They loved living there for another 37 years. My father died in 2011. My mother died August of 2019. Thus, the house went on the market. I have 2 brothers and a sister. There are 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. All of them spent their summers at the shore. Sadly, the house was sold. And it sold quickly. 

Avalon Estate Liquidators, The Answer! 

How to dispose of several generations of memories, belongings and items that family did not take, seemed an overwhelming problem. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents, grandchildren, and great grandchildren filled the house, 2 attics and two-story garage lofts with things. I hated the thought of a lifetime of memories ending up in a landfill. I found Avalon Estate Liquidators through Google and never looked back. 

Even Covid did not throw a wrench in the works. Owner, Jeff Condinho, easily communicated with me from Florida. When he arrived back in Avalon after properly quarantining for 14 days he promptly came to the house, did a walk through and said he would take the sale. The contract was straight forward. The percentage we would receive was very fair. He and his associate, Martha, supplied tables and suggested that things be visible and at eye level. They were very upfront about what would sell and what might not. I got as much out as possible onto their tables. The day before the two-day sale, Jeff, Martha, and Captain Chuck did a walk through and evaluated the lay-out, priced things on the tables, priced individual items and marked things that would be discussed. They recommended placement of certain things. They blocked off the upper deck and attics to ensure safety. The morning of the first day, Jeff and Martha arrived early and sanitized the house with sprays. Demolition sale signs were placed at several intersections and along the streets in Avalon. Jeff had advertised the sale earlier in the summer on his website. Signs and pennants were placed on and around the house. He had made sure to get the word out in a timely manner. Because of covid, wearing a mask was mandatory and enforced. Buyers had to maintain a social distance and the number of people permitted into the house at one time was carefully monitored not to exceed the ability to socially distance. Martha organized a one-way system in through the front door and out through the back. This worked well. 

For two days the foot traffic never stopped with folks lining up, showing up and showing real interest in the memories, peoples’ lives, and interests of who had lived in our home. After the official inhouse sale was over Jeff and Martha did not stop reaching out to their client list to promote items they might be interested in. They are a highly focused, energized, and organized team who can sell anything, and they did. So much more was sold than our family anticipated. 

They are professional and showed implicit integrity. Jeff phoned and texted me with sales figures and we were immediately paid our net percentage of the take. This continued throughout the week. He maintained a close watch over the property and allowed buyers to come only when he was there through an appointment. 

We trusted Avalon Estate Liquidators completely and felt confident in their ability to sell the contents of the house. They did a respectful, outstanding job. We certainly choose the right company. I can highly recommend Avalon Estate Liquidators.

Thank you, Jeff, Martha, and Captain Chuck. It was a very positive experience. 

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When you go through a trying experience like what our family did on Thanksgiving weekend one has to realize that you need a professional company such as Avalon Estate Liquidators.  By all means, once you meet Jeff and his staff your problems and worries are over. AEL is professional in every way.  What and when they say it’s going to be done, ITS  GOING TO BE DONE. They even sold our Shed. I highly recommend them.  A big family Thanks to Jeff, Martha, and Chuck.

Dune Dr, Avalon

Jan 18, 2016
S and I wanted to say thank you very much for the great job you and your team did this past Fall in handling our demolition sale in Stone Harbor.  Our sale turned into a neighborhood event which we are all still talking about.   From our first meeting all the way through to the last customer on the last day it was well handled. You have a special personality which added to the character of the project but never loosing track of the end goal – sell as much stuff as possible – at the best possible price.

We came to you via a reference from a neighbor and would be happy to tell anyone else about our positive experience with Avalon Estate Liquidators.

Thanks again,
86th Street
Stone Harbor, NJ

We used Jeff Condinho at Avalon Estate Liquidators to orchestrate a demolition sale on our property in Stone Harbor. The sale was financial rewarding, well managed and required almost no effort on our part. It was also rewarding to know many items in the house were disassembled to be reused elsewhere and not taken to a landfill.

Our sale was put together quickly and we believe one of the main reasons for the success of the sale was Jeff’s network of contractors and trade persons who follow his sales. Our sale was held in the middle of October and he attracted an impressive crowd over the three day sale. The crowd was mainly due to his marketing efforts, his following, and most of all, his great reputation. Jeff greeted people when they came into the house, asked them what they were looking for and also suggested items they might interest them. He was aggressive without being pushy.

Jeff is also astute at pricing. Large ticket items like our tankless hot water system, HVAC units, siding and windows were priced fairly but well above what we could have done on our own. He negotiated when needed but did not give things away. He also managed the contractors who came in on Monday, after the sale, to remove items.

At the end of each day he was certain to secure the house. As entry doors and steps were sold, he sealed the entryways into the house and used construction yellow tape to mark the “Caution” areas where needed. He also kept us informed each day of the sales totals and the deconstruction progress.

We would strongly recommend anyone who is considering a demolition sale to use Jeff. He knows the community and he knows his business!

Carl and Rand Bushner Stone Harbor

I want to take this opportunity to say how pleased we were to use Avalon Estate Liquidators for our demo sale in December 2012.  With an “everything must go” attitude, the “Professional Sellers of Stuff” as they are called – both Jeff Condinho and Capt. Chuck sold all of our home’s contents during the two day event -right down to the trash in the trash cans!!   Not knowing how successful a demo sale would be taking place less than 10 days before the holidays, it was amazing to the both of us how many qualified people Jeff and Chuck got to show up on those brisk Saturday and Sunday mornings. Trustworthy, Fair and enjoyable to work with, I would recommend Avalon Estate Liquidators for your next demo or moving sale.  I promise it to be a memorable and very profitable experience. – Avalon (Name on Request)
The house is sure empty.  .  So sad for our family….. but you lifted such a burden off of me by taking care of everything.  You have no ideal how grateful I am.  You did a great job.  Thank you!
– Atlantic County

No worries! Jeff did it all!
The location in Avalon was perfect…but the older small home would have to go to make way for our dream summer retreat. As a member of a ‘Green Team’ I cringed at the idea of demolishing the well-cared-for single level house. Kitchen cabinets and appliances, toilets, windows, copper pipes, bedding, etc. could all be reused. Trashing the house was not an option. Jeff Condinho of Avalon Estate Sales had the solution…and turned what would have been trash…into cash!

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle…  all possible with Avalon Estate Sales

Jeff Condinho came highly recommended from realtors and builders in Avalon. He handled everything from start to finish and it was hassle free. We even cleaned out our home basement bringing wall treatments, duets, shelving, chairs, and other good shape items we no longer needed. Even bushes and bricks around the perimeter of the shore property were dug up, sold, and reused….rather than ending up in the dumpster and landfill.
From the advertising and marketing, to setting up for the big day, and closing everything up. We didn’t need to be there. Anything not sold was donated to charity. My husband and I were impressed by his organization, enthusiasm and integrity. We truly appreciate all he did for us and would highly recommend him to anyone planning a demolition.
Thank you Jeff, you’re amazing!
Mr. & Ms. D. S.

Would we refer you? You ‘betcha! From our first meeting, we knew you were the person up to the task of “sale before demo”.  You are fun to work with, honest, efficient, all while getting the job done and we thank you for that. You kept appointments and dealt with setbacks in stride. Thank you for pulling a few more cents out of our demolition! We feel that we did our best to recycle and repurpose all possible from “our old house.”  We even had a company come in after the sale to take anything gratis that they could use or sell. Less in the landfill is win-win.  Thanks again for your efforts!
Mr & Mrs D. H.

After every sale is over our team of “Extraction Specialists” make quick work of the removal of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decks and well any thing that is or isn’t bolted, nailed or glued down!  Here are a few pictured of what the post sale look like.