Sell My Estate

So you’re ready for the wrecking ball

But you want to get evey last penny out of the old house.  Our basic agreement is detailed below.

The following items are agreed to:

  • Gross proceeds will be split  to the owner and  to AELC. All set-up, permit, selling, and advertising costs will be paid for by Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC.
  • All items that are not to be sold must be removed from the house by the Thursday before the sale.
  • Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC reserves the right to cancel the sale if Owner has removed items that were represented to be part of the Demo Sale.
  • Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC makes no guarantee that all items will be sold or what the proceeds will be.
  • Other items maybe sold at your location by other vendors.
  • Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC retains the salvage rights to any copper and aluminum on the property.
  • Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC will secure the property when the sale is complete.
  • Avalon Estate Liquidators, LLC will need the key to the property by Thursday night before the sale.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

“We were stunned at how much our “knock-down” was worth after being parted out. It paid for our landscaping and hot-tub!”
Jack & Diane M.